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April 19, 2022

Previous Pearls of Fitness and Mindset Wisdom.

This week is a round up of various pearls of wisdom that had been dropped by a few of my previous guests. This week is lean and mean with just the bits that you can apply to your own life to help you along the way of your fitness journey.

This episode features advice from:

Dexter Fletcher - Instagram

NativeSaiyan Bill Pickernell - TikTok \ Instagram \ Twitter \ YouTube

Daniel Reyes - Instagram \ Website

Michael Kroeger - Instagram \ Website

Jaime Legagneur - TikTok \ Website

Matthew Getic - Twitter \ Instagram \ Youtube \ website

Jonny Bloozit - Art Portfolio

Dr. Kevin Payne - Instagram \ Twitter \ Website

Tony Lugo - Instagram \ Twitter \ Website

J Maddix - Spotify Playlist \ Instagram \ Facebook \ Website

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Episode Theme song: I've Got to Go Now by Anthem of Rain

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