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March 22, 2022

Slightly Fitter and Definitely Fatter (with Jonny Bloozit)

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Failing short of one's goals is never a fun thing and this week I must

confront mistakes made and own up as to why I have not made the progress

I had hoped for. My buddy Jonny Bloozit stops by to be my confessor as I

make my confession. This week there are not great nuggets of wisdom nor

advice on what you might do to help yourself, this week is just about

holding myself accountable and setting the stage for getting back on

track. You are welcome to stop in to hear by slight tale of woe, which

is a rain delay, not the end of the game.

Jon's newest art book Creatures of the Dying World is now on sale in both Physical form& as a PDF 

More of Jonny's work can be seen here at: https://www.behance.net/bloozit 


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