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April 12, 2022

The Bariatric Sleeve Cost Me Almost Everything (With Tiyauna White)

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Have you ever felt that you needed a change so badly that your ability to assess risk just gets

tossed out the window? Have you made a decision that was supposed to help you but ended up being life altering? For one Tiyauna White, her lifetime struggle with her weight finally broke her and she needed something to take care of the problem, and she found it with the Bariatric Sleeve Surgery. The good news? The weight did indeed just melt off her. The bad news is that the cost of the weight loss was nearly her life.

Tiyauna joins the Fittest Fat Kid to talk about how she came to the decision to get the surgery, how medical conditions were ignored in order for her to have it and what it has been like living with the repercussions.

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