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A Failure in Every Orifice - Let's Talk Dating with Jayna Swan - Fails, Falls, and F-Ups

This week we depart from talking about a specific person's individual failure to delve a little deeper into the failures that haunt us in the dating world. To do this feat of mercy for humanity, I am joined by intimacy expert and the host of the Happy, Healthy, Horny podcast Jayna Swan.

In the course of the podcast, we cover topics such as masculine versus feminine energy, societal expectations, online dating, and how an improv class can really help your game. If your dating life seems like there is a failure in every orifice, then this just might be the episode to help you get over that hump.

You can find Jayna at her website: www.jaynaswan.com

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A Failure in Every Orifice - Let's Talk Dating with Jayna Swan - Fails, Falls, and F-Ups
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